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Failed to run system api
Trying to encrypy disc C with Windows 11 Home
when saving Recovery Key - I am getting message that Pre-OS restart is needed to continue
When I click NEXT button, PC restarts and then I am getting message 
Failed to run system api 0x03E6001501510000
BitLocker version 8.7
adding log file

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According to your description the error seems to occur in Pre-OS, please follow the steps below to copy the log file under Pre-OS WinPE to you local disk and then send it to us.
1. Waiting for the error message appears
2. Open the save log file dialog ("[Image: attachment.php?aid=337]" > "Save logs")
3. Save the log file to one of your local disk
4. Reboot the computer, then send the log file to us.

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same problem here... please check out my post

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