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Disk or partition space is insufficient (0x005700c201960000)
Hi guys,

hope someone can help me with this.
i am trying to clone my windows to go to a SD card.
I have an 1 TB SSD and now i bought an 512 GB SD card.
i am trying to follow the steps but i keep getting the error "Disk or partition space is insufficient (0x005700c201960000)".

First i thougt it made sence because my SSD was much bigger so i made 2 partions on my SSD where one is 130 GB with windows installation and the rest is for the second partition.

But i keep getting the same error.
How can clone my windows partition to my SD card?
First of all, we do not recommend using MMC/SD cards to create portable Windows, one is because the performance of Windows may be affected, and the other is because Windows continues to read and write the drive while it is running, which may shorten the life of the MMC/SD card.

Which software did you use to clone Windows to SD?

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