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Manual Op vs Scheduled Op
If I try and manually execute an INC or DIFF when the backup chain is unavailable, HBS offers a msg concerning a non-existant backup image. When I do the same as a scheduled operation, there is no msg and the app automatically creates the needed PARENT image (a FULL to begin the chain) instead.

The result of the scheduled operation is excellent... what should be done in that case. I don't understand why the same thing isn't done for a manual operation... maybe with a msg informing the user of the anomaly and the result.
This is by design, so that the user can intervene immediately when performing a backup manually, whereas when performing a backup automatically, the intervention may not occur until several hours later, which may not be what the user wants. The first backup image version of a backup task is always a full backup, whether it is a manual backup or an automatic backup, so this design does not cause any problems.

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