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What enhancements and improvements would you like us to do in the future upgrades?
Hi nameless admin (aka TheEasyUEFITeam),

I hope you received my email with the link to the usb/sd-card patch.
Some other ideas/improvments could be:

multilingual support (not only for the installer gui):
if the selected (Win7-OEM) ISO includes a directory called "langpacks" the default installation is allways in english
please add the posibility to select the language for the installed Windows

multilingual support (part2)
the default bcd is allways in english, no matter what language the Windows installation is

BCD-Store -> BootManager -> PreferedLocale = en-US  (should be de-DE on german installations)
same at
BCD-Store -> Application objects -> Windows 7 xxx -> PreferredLocal = en-US (de-DE or what ever is installed)
BCD-Store -> Windows resume objects -> Windows Resume Application -> PrefferedLocal = ...
BCD-Store -> Tools objects -> Windows -> PrefferedLocal = ...

I use the "rEFInd" boot manager on my win8.1 x64 notebook.
with "rEFInd" it is possible to boot efi-code from ntfs-partitions (no need for a fat32 efi-partition)
for such a "dual"solution it would be nice if you create both boot paths on the stick

Minimum size for USB-sticks
Please reduce the Limit to something arround 10 GB or check the size in relation to the selected operating system.

Please add a option to disable the "allways" format-function, it is absolutly heavy to create a pseudo usb-hdd on a stick with this function.

Please add a function to install not only from ISO / CD-ROM / DRIVE-CLONE.
I like to see the possibility to install from a .wim-file (just like "EasyInstaller" did it)
and for advanced users a function to install from a source-directory (comparable to a mounted install.wim)

This function could be nice for some quick testruns with injected drivers .. without mounting/unmounting wim-files.

Enough for the first posting :-)

I hope that i can give you some good feedbacks, not so much bugreports and some new ideas and improvments in the future.
Thanks for a very good tool.


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