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Running Windows 10 from a Ext. SSD using Hasleo WindowsToUSB...???
Hello, currently I like to run windows 10 from an external SSD when using a laptop. I use Hasleo WindowsToUSB in order to install windows 10 to my external SSD.

I usually keep the SSD as 1 partition scheme and just install it as usual per the instructions when using the software. The problem with this is that I usually have to plug in a second external hard drive in order to download and save files that I do not want to be stored on the SSD.
Do you know if its possible to partition the SSD into 2 partitions and still be able to install Windows 10 on one of the partitions using Hasleo WindowsToUSB, while also having the other partition as a storage drive that will show up in Windows 10 when using the same external hard drive as the boot drive?

Thanks in advance
WinToUSB has a "Keep the existing partition scheme" option to allow you to use a custom partition layout scheme to install Windows (For example, there are multiple partitions on your USB drive, and you need to install Windows to the specified partitions on the USB drive.).
[Image: attachment.php?aid=423]

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Thanks! I get it

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