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Win7 Live USB cannot be booted up on Win11 Pro PC
Made Windows 7 Home Premium Live USB on my Windows 11 Pro x64 PC. But I cannot boot this up.
As suggested by the blue error message on the screen, I went to the BIOS and started to look for the ACPI/Power management option. There's no option like that there!!!
I went to Device Manager on Windows and checked the firmware. And I saw the firmware didn't need to be updated.
Now I'm thinking if running Win7 Live USB on a Win11 Pro PC is possible in the first place.     
Are you sure this computer is compatible with Windows 7? If you want to run Windows 7 on a computer, you must ensure that the computer is compatible with Windows 7 (computers built in recent years are usually not compatible with Windows 7), otherwise Windows will not work properly.

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