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Another dual "Windows Boot Manager"
Use version easy UEFI 2.3. Windows 10 RTM x64
There are 2 "Windows Boot Manager" with exact same information. The only different is the GPT partition GUID
The first entry refers to Disk 0 partition 2 with a red rectangle
The second one also refers to Disk 0 partition 2 and is without the red rectangle
If I delete the second one and reboot. It will again re-created.

Why are there 2 entries ? Please advise.

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After you delete the second option, please do the following:
1. Provide an export of your BCD file to us.
Run this command in elevated command prompt: bcdedit.exe /export c:\users\yournamehere\desktop\BCD
Put all the exported files in a zip file and post it here as an attachment.
2. Reboot the computer then enter the BIOS to see if there are two "Windows Boot Manager".
Here it is.
After delete:
1 - export BCD as requested. Also ran: bcdedit /enum all ===> bcd.txt
2 - Reboot the PC. The same 2 "Windows Boot Manager" reappear again
3 - rerun bcdedit /enum all after reboot ====> bcd1.txt and they appear to be the same.

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Please change the second option to point to the correct partition, then delete the first option. You'd better to create a bootable disk and backup the boot options before performing the operations.

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