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Another partition on the same USB
Hope I may ask one more question (not a problem). I have learnt that Windows can only recognize one partition on removable media. But WinToUSB can create 2 partitions.  When I shrunk my Windows 10 installation to create space for cloning a Linux Kubuntu partition onto the same flash drive, I was later able to mount Kubuntu from Windows 10, (see end of ) Pls explain!
Am I trespassing on propriatory territory? If so I will back off - if not I would appreciate a comment!

Actually I found that RMPrepUSB can create/format two partitions in Windows, so WinTo USB is not alone.
Going to create 2 partition on my WinToUSB. Will ask support if faces any issue.
Did it work for you?
Yes, it does work for me to create two partitions with WinToUSB - though I prefer to install with WinToUSB to only one partition, and then more easily add partitions in Linux.  But there are two things I do not understand.  First explain how come it is possible to create two partitions with WinToUSB (and RMPrepUSB) which seem to use Windows formatting.  And secondly how is it possible that I can mount the other partitions on the USB flash drive from Windows 10 (on the first partition), whereas when using Windows on the hard disk, I can only mount the first partition on the USB flash drive.  Are there different formatting tools for USB flash drives?

This video shows my recent experience adding the question of why I cannot use Ranish Partition Manager on this USB flash drive.  There seems to be some conflict in the location of Ranish compact in the MBR affecting the bootloader of Windows 10. But on a fixed MBR disk Ranish and Windows 10 can coexist.  How does this tie in to the above problem.  Is the partition table location different for USB flash drives depending on which formatting tool you use?

Have tried to google to find some info about this, but not yet found anything of value.  I remember that a few years ago I saw a recommendation to use a formatting tool from HP if you wanted to make a multi boot USB flash drive.
You can create a multi-partitioned USB flash drive using Windows API, but you can't format and mount the second partition, this is a limitation of Windows, so we use our own algorithm to format the second partition on a USB flash drive. There is no way to assign a drive letter to the second partition on a USB flash drive.
Thank you for confirming what I suspected!

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