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WinPE & USB Driver Injection
I have a new Lenovo AIO and I was able to finally get Windows 7 on the hard drive after many hours of trying to inject the usb drivers.. I'm now trying to make it portable but when it boots to WinPE to clone the drive its not loading the USB drivers (as expected). I've tried a few of the following links ( but I cannot locate the "Boot.sdi" or "boot.wim" in the install directory. Ive tried putting the Win10PE sdi and wim's into the path's below but it still is not recognizing the USB devices so I dont think its actually using the Win10PE files...

C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\bin
C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\x64\WinToUSB\bin
C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\x86\WinToUSB\bin

I was also going to try injecting the drivers myself (i have the working drivers that worked for my initial install) following this article but again, i cannot locate boot.wim. I've even tried installing older versions hoping it would have the file but no luck...

Where can I locate this WIM file? I'd like to either A. Inject the files myself or B. Use the Windows10 PE Files.... TIA.
First we recommend that you insert the USB drive in a USB 2.0 port if your computer has a USB 2.0 port. If it still failed, then you can try injecting the drivers to a wim file then copy the wim and sdi file to  "C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\bin" and try again. 
I did try that but no luck, I still had no USB support. There is no USB 2.0 ports. I was able to get it booted to another machine then try to clone but it got 0x0000007b on bootup from the USB drive. I'm throwing in the towel. Thanks anyways!
Do you have any other Windows 10 computers? Windows 10 has built-in USB 3.0 support, you can create WinPE from the Windows 10 computer and then copy it to the Windows 7 computer.

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