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Not working on my windows partition system
(06-21-2018, 04:08 AM)yoanbell Wrote: Hello there:
I was trying to setup the encryption on my windows system partition and the software won't let me do it it shows me error(0x0000014400D70000)

I must say that I'm a paid user.
Also I wish to know if my computer broke anytime this purchased license will work in other computer.

I hope that you can help me out with this

Thanks in Advance

Sorry, only the boot partition and the data partition can be encrypted, the system partition cannot be encrypted, Windows will not be able to start if the system partition is encrypted, this is a limitation of BitLocker. And if the system partition and the boot partition are the same partition, you will not be able to encrypt the partition.

Why are two partitions required?

What are system partitions and boot partitions:

The price of home license is very cheap and it is a lifetime license, it only allows you to activate the software on one computer and you may not transfer the license from one computer to another if the software is already installed and registered on one computer. This means that even if you have uninstalled the software from original registered computers, you still can't activate it on another computer.

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