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Multi-Installation USB installing windows 10 from it
(01-29-2019, 06:39 PM)VISHAL Wrote:
(01-29-2019, 05:59 PM)Korisnik20019 Wrote:
(01-28-2019, 07:04 PM)VISHAL Wrote: Do remember, Google is always your best friend... Hope you'd understand...

I did all that and installed windows 10 again but now one problem i cant make partition as primary only logical dont know why that is case,before i made partition for my files primary with no problem.
Here what partitions i have now.

Oh Dear!

You gotta convert the Disk into GPT Partition as I've stated earlier.

GPT converted HDD always make each partition as Primary Partition.

Use any free software to convert from MBR to GPT

I did converted disk from windows recovery console to from mbr to gpt but after that windows could not boot,then i reinstalled windows from CD.
Now i tryed to convert disk with Easos Partition Master 13 i execute operation and ask to report but after i boot into windows Disk is in mbr stil not gpt.
Also i tryed to convert it from windows using cmd to convert to gpt and it says ;
The operation is not allowed on a disk that contains a pagefile volume

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