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Not Enough Space (0x000000C205620000)
(04-19-2018, 08:29 PM)admin Wrote:
(04-19-2018, 08:13 PM)geoffh Wrote: I see a different page to you - mine does not have the options you have displayed (Installation Mode & Virtual Hard Disk Size)…. see attached image

What is the capacity of this USB drive? Which feature did you use to create the portable Windows? 'ISO/CDROM to USB' or 'Physical To USB'?

If you are using 'Physical To USB', WinToUSB will copy all the files in source boot partition (Usually C: ) to the destination USB drive, so the destination USB drive must be larger than the used space on source boot partition, and WinToUSB requires that the destination boot partition must be 20% larger than the used space on source boot partition. In such case, you need a larger USB drive.

Thanks Admin - Your question makes me think I have got the wrong end of the stick here.... I have not yet created the Portable Windows Copy - I thought I needed to run "Physical to UISB" to create it!!  ("ISO/CDROM to USB" seems to suggest I have an Image or CD to copy.... and I don't have).

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