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Excruciating disc speed - win10 ent - usb 3.1 - NVME
Okay, incidentally, I was correct in my assumption. Wintousb does something strange when you're running it in a VM with discs passed through, during the install. I used the 30 minute to boot Win I'd created to write another copy, and this one is perfect.

One question though. 
When I used WintoUSB from my Windows VM, the resulting image contains all of my files/programs, while the secondary copy created from the now native windows install running on USB, did not. It gave me a completely clean windows install. 

Which is the intended behavior and is this controllable?

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RE: Excruciating disc speed - win10 ent - usb 3.1 - NVME - by blistovmhz - 12-13-2019, 01:17 PM

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