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Error Msg: "Free/Trial doesn't support Win10 Pro"
 I'm getting the error message that the free/trail version doesn't support Windows 10 Professional operating system...
    WinToUSB Error Message
This doesn't seem logical because your tutorials show Win 10 professional installation.
Is this some problem with the latest 5.1 build?
    WinToUSB Version Info

In case this helps, here is some basic info about my laptop (with Product ID and Username redacted).

    Win10 Pro Computer Info (FWIW: Only USB 2.0 ports but irrelevant because WinToUSB didn't get to that point.)

    Win10 Pro Version and Build #

I thought it might have something to do with the documented problems with the latest windows security patch/update KB4524244 so I removed that security patch and rebooted but still no change.

Thanks in advance
I'm very sorry, the free version does not support Windows 10 Pro.
Thanks for your reply. 
( I encourage Hasleo to keep pressing forward in development.  I needed this ASAP so I have purchased another commercial product that does support Win 10 Pro now.)
I am very sorry, support for Windows 10 Professional is a paid feature of WinToUSB. The free version of WinToUSB does not support Windows 10 Professional, but the paid version of WinToUSB supports Windows 10 Professional.

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