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problem "inaccessible boot device"
(07-07-2022, 12:02 PM)wardgarrett57 Wrote: I also have some troubles with this problem, so I am here to find the solution for them. It's great if there is someone who can help me here. Thanks a lot!

Please check to see if any of the following items apply to your situation:
1. Ensure that the Windows To Go drive is connected directly to a USB port on the computer. Many computers don’t support booting from a device connected to a USB 3 PCI add-on card or external USB hubs.
2. If the computer is not booting from a USB 3.0 port, try to boot from a USB 2.0 port.
3. There is not enough power on the USB port for the USB drive to work, please connect the USB storage device to an external power supply.
4. Use another high-quality USB flash drive or external hard drive to create portable Windows.

If the problem persists, please contact us at for further assistance.

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