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  Win to USB - No Mac Support
Posted by: jclarke - 03-09-2015, 09:10 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (3)

I have successfully created a Win 8.1 external USB hard drive using WinToUSB and it works perfectly on my PC. However when I try to boot from it on my iMac (selecting the EFI Partition from boot devices) it just freezes. Any tips on how to make the drive compatible with Macs?

The hard drive I want to install it on is a 1TB Western Digital MyPassport Ultra (USB 3.0). It is currently formatted to NTFS. Again, I can boot it up on my PC just fine, but my iMac is a no go.

Thanks! Dodgy

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Rainbow Can anyone please explain how to create Win to VHD option ?
Posted by: usbear - 03-02-2015, 06:38 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (17)

Hve the latest Beta Build installed.

I have tried several different ways, but the VHD option just stays greyed out Sad

Please give a detailed description as I can find very little info how to use it ?

Thank You

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  WinToUSB does not recognize my SD card...
Posted by: D10A - 03-01-2015, 05:25 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

I am using 2.0 but WinToUsb does not recognize my SDHC card. However windows 7 usb/dvd download tool recognizes it...

Any solutions? Sad

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  100MB Partition inside VHD?
Posted by: steje - 02-25-2015, 06:09 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (4)

Hi there, can you say what the unformatted 100MB partition at the 'end' of the VHD disk image is for? Is it something you're doing or is something in the procedure you're using to duplicate the Windows To Go installation to USB is doing it itself?

At a guess I assumed it was the MSR partition that often appears at the beginning of a drive at 128MB, but it doesn't have the MSR flag on it.

Does anyone know if anything in the WintoUSB image will break if the partition is either deleted or otherwise just has it's drive letter removed? I don't currently plan on trying to do anything with BitLocker within the boot image environment......

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  Virtualbox black screen
Posted by: Pietia - 02-24-2015, 07:15 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - No Replies

Hi after installing virtualbox I see only black sreen and I can't login to win10 any one experienced same issue ?

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  Random BSOD and rebooting when shutting down PC
Posted by: masterfu678 - 02-24-2015, 07:28 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (4)

So I recently upgraded to v2.1 beta and installed Win10 build 9926.

this isn't really a major problem, but still is a bother. when I leave my computer alone with no actions being done, I can hear the sound windows make when you are connecting a hardware (such as USB flash drive, mouse etc), followed by the sound of disconnecting, after a few repeats, my computer goes to the sad faced BSOD with the message INACCESSBLE BOOT DEVICE. this only happens when I leave my computer alone, and by chance, sometimes nothing will happen.

another thing that I found is that after I turned my computer off(shut down command from start menu), my external hard drive boots up my computer again without me pressing the power button on my computer. of course, this would be solved with me cutting off the power supply to my PC. If that didn't solve it, then my computer would probably be possessed by a cyber demon, lol, just kidding. But this is a very strange bug.

here is my external drive's brand and my laptop model so you can get the same kind of external drive to replicate these bugs, or even get the same laptop

Toshiba Satelite P755
Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 2TB

It is a plug in and play drive, no ac adapters required, with USB 3.0, perfect drive for WintoUSB, at least to me.

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  It does not boot and remains in a loop
Posted by: karlos - 02-23-2015, 03:51 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (2)

I have installed the Windows 8.1 on the usb following the instructions but when I reboot the computer and start by the usb, it remains in a loop showing the logo of windows:

[Image: iHBjlUQm.jpg]

I'm using the last version of Wintousb and I have proved with usb 3.0 and 2.0, but it does not work

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  2.1 Beta: Questions on VHD formatting
Posted by: steje - 02-21-2015, 10:46 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

Hi there... new here after being pointed by Leo Davidson from GPSoftware to an article on lifehacker by Whitson Gordon:


I downloaded the 2.1 Beta and selected an SSD drive in an external USB 3.0 enclosure after using AOMEI Partition Assistant to first convert the disk to GPT, then create a single 256MB FAT32 partition, and the rest (~110 GB) an NTFS partition.

I then selected these partitions as the EFI system and boot partitions in the 2.1 Beta, and selected the VHD installation mode which I assume is new in the Beta?

The regular Windows format dialog popped up about needing to format the drive - which initially wasn't clear to me 'what' was being formatted but it is now clear that it was the VHD file mounted as a drive letter (F: in my case). I've seen some other WinPE based tools have the same initial behavior where the Windows format dialog actually pops up making you think you need to actually need to click 'Start' in order to begin... but you've actually already begun the operation.

Bottom line, is if you're not sure what just happened and you abort the operation, you're left with a mounted VHD that many users might not know how to unmount, and retrying the operation without cleaning up the aborted attempt causes an error:


If you retry the operation AFTER cleaning up (detaching the VHD in Disk Mgmt, and then deleting the VHD file from the NTFS partition), you don't get the confusing Format dialog popup.

I bet if I were to blow away the partitions and start over the same confusing format dialog thing happens though... If I verify that - would you be interested in looking at it and seeing if you can make it smoother?

Question 2: if a user aborts a VHD install, would you consider adding something to advise how to unmount the VHD or do it yourself programatically?

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  Reserved partition by Windows 7 System
Posted by: vagner - 02-20-2015, 01:44 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - No Replies

Hi ,

I cloned my Windows with Aomei Backupper , but when I used the WinToUSB forgot to leave the partition "Reserved by the System "

Has somehow I get around this ?


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Exclamation [RESOLVED] cloning error - Specified disk not found. (0x0005003501220000)
Posted by: davidinfodom - 02-17-2015, 01:22 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (6)

(Please note I've tried the below process using both WinToUSB 2.0 and 2.1 beta versions)

Hi there,

I'm trying to clone a Win 7 SP1 Enterprise, onto an external HDD.

Host drive is Disk 0
Destination drive Disk 1
(for details, please see the screenshot below)

And what ever I try (Diskpart: create only 1 partition, or trying to recreate the both System and Boot partitions as identical as the host drive, etc...) after WinToUSB reboots the computer to start the cloning, I then always have the exact same message each time :
Specified disk not found. (0x0005003501220000)

So I'm wondering : what am I doing wrong?
Knowing the process works on another computer, for a Win 7.1 Enterprise N, but which is using a 80GB HDD, and knowing I didn't had to create the both System & Boot partitions. I indeed, only had to format the external drive properly, using Diskpart.

Hoping you could help, I thank you in advance for your replies.

Kind Regards,

PS.: Please find attached the user.log file in case you would need it.

.zip   user.zip (Size: 2.05 KB / Downloads: 3)

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