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WinToUSB wakes up from sleep automatically
(02-15-2021, 10:53 AM)schlangz Wrote: Hi, I encounter the problem that my WinToUSB Windows 10 (1903) won't stay in sleep - it automatically wakes up after a few seconds.
When I check with "powercfg -lastwake" I can see that it is caused by the xHCI (USB 3.0 host controller) where the USB drive is connected.

Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks.

To ensure that the Windows To Go workspace is able to move between computers easily, hibernation is disabled by default whether you intend to use Microsoft's Windows To Go Creator Wizard or WinToUSB to create Windows To Go workspace. Hibernation can be re-enabled by using Group Policy settings, for more information about enable or disable hibernate please visit: How to enable or disable hibernate in Windows To Go workspace?

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