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V4.9 Beta - Image mount feature is now available!!!!
(05-25-2024, 03:03 AM)n8chavez Wrote:
(05-25-2024, 02:52 AM)Froggie Wrote: Just a guess here... I don't believe Windows will allow the MOUNTing of any partition without a letter, not even a physical partition.

Mounting?  No.  Because that's the point of mounting is to be able to access the data.  Well, that can't be done without a drive letter.

Pismo file mount can mount using a path (without a drive letter).
That's doesn't matter for HBS. Prismo can mount only zip and iso files. And, even if it were able to, the way they go about it is kinda messed up. They require you to install and use a pseudo chrome shell as a means to get around doing it the right way. Nope...I'll pass.
It is technically possible to mount a backup image using a path, but this requires driver support.
V4.9 Beta has been released, now you can mount volumes in file backup image files as virtual drives.

1. Download and install Dokan V2.1.0.1000, here is the official download link:

Or you can download it from our website:

Dokan is an open source library for developing filesystem drivers on Windows, which is used by Hasleo Backup Suite to implement HVFS (Hasleo Virtual File System) to mount file backup images. For more information about Dokan, please visit:

Please note that for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 and earlier, Windows KB4474419 update needs to be installed before you can install Dokan, here is the download link for KB4474419:

IMPORTANT: Windows Vista users should install the KB4474419 update for Windows Server 2008.

2. Download and install Hasleo Backup Suite V4.9 Beta, here is the link:

1. Reparse points are not supported;
2. Encrypted files are not supported for file backup images generated by V4.8 and previous versions.

Change logs for V4.9 Beta:
1. Added feature to mount file backup image files
2. Store temporary files locally while backing up to the network to improve backup performance
3. Log files are now stored to a separate folder
4. Include the domain/workgroup name in the subject of the notification email
5. Fixed some bugs to improve product quality
Which mount options will not work without installing Dokan V2.1.0.1000?
(07-05-2024, 03:22 PM)aldist Wrote: Which mount options will not work without installing Dokan V2.1.0.1000?

You will not be able to mount file backup images without installing Dokan, disk backup images (including system backup images) will not be affected.

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