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  Win to USB, VHD's and updating
Posted by: Mack - 12-01-2015, 07:08 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)


I have a MacBook Air and I'm using win to usb to run Windows 10 via a 64Gb USB stick.

I use it mainly for a few older games and it's running well however I have a couple of questions:

When I boot into Windows I've noticed the C drive is created from a VHD file contained on the USB stick. The file and the remaining space show as the D drive. Some things such as the DX9 files I need for older games install to the virtual C drive so space is very tight. Is it 
possible to resize the virtual drive? Does running software from the VHD incur any noticeable performance decrease over running directly from the stick?

Secondly I've tried to update Windows 10 however after downloading the updates Windows states it can not install to a virtual hard drive. How can I fix this?



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  Problem with disk partitioning
Posted by: homer.web - 11-28-2015, 10:55 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (3)

Hello, I need help. I have problem with disc partitioning. App will format it the way its shown on the picture. There is no way to change it.

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  Certified IronKey W300 USB + WinToUSB + Windows 8/10 + Bitlocker for OS Drive works?
Posted by: digiuser - 11-27-2015, 06:53 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)


I'm really hoping somebody can help me before I spend the money on a Certified Windows To Go USB Stick - The IronKey Workspace W300.

I need to be able to create a WindowsToGo stick on this drive, which is certified for WindowsToGo, however I want to use Windows 8/10 Home or Pro rather than Enterprise.

A requirement is that the OS drive can be encrypted using BitLocker.

I successfully got WindowsToGo to work with Windows 8.1 Pro on a non-certified USB Stick using the VHD/VHDX method, however you can't encrypt the OS Drive when it's a VHD/VHDX, it's just not possible. So unfortunately that is not an option.

I am wondering if it's possible to do this with a certified USB Stick? When I use WinToUSB on a regular flash drive it blanks out the Legacy option and forces me to use a VHD option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

P.S I am using the free version of WinToUSB at the moment. Looking to buy the flash drive very soon but don't want to blow £100 if it's not going to work as needed.

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  please delete
Posted by: rjn239 - 11-26-2015, 12:48 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - No Replies

problem solved.

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  Failed to extract file from WIM file?
Posted by: jasen - 11-16-2015, 11:34 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (17)

I'm getting this error when attempting to write to an SSD connected via USB. Same error no matter which iso file or install disk I use as a source (tried several different versions of Win7 and Win10). Previously, I had no problem installing to USB sticks and HDs, this is the first time I've tried an SSD, however I assumed it should work exactly the same. At first I thought there was a problem with the iso I was trying to use, but I've verified it does this with any image.

I'm running on Win7. Just mounted the SSD and formatted it NTFS via the management console. What does this error really mean? Is there some special handling required for SSDs?

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  Translate to portuguese (brazilian)
Posted by: fredericomaia - 11-15-2015, 06:48 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

Would you like the translation to Brazilian Portuguese?

I do it and free.

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  Failed to run system API (0x00000015002E0000)
Posted by: LisaDoka - 11-15-2015, 02:39 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

SO I am trying to get Windows 7 on my USB, and it gives me the error that is the name of the thread, this is the log
2015-11-14 10:13:42 T:00000E6C OS Name:Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version:5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600 Bits:32
2015-11-14 10:13:42 T:00000E6C WinToUSB Version:
2015-11-14 10:13:42 T:00000E6C .\main.cpp main 139 Start...
2015-11-14 10:28:34 T:00000A58 .\SelSourcePage.cpp 2341 nRet=0x00000015002E0000
That's a lot of log right there

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  failed to run system api 0x0000001501060000
Posted by: xchoice - 11-14-2015, 10:16 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (4)

Failed to run system api 0x0000001501060000

Pentium e5300 3.5gb ram Win7 x64 installing windows 10 Pro N 1511 build10568,a.k.a Threshold 2 to an hdd attached through a usb ata/atapi bridge . This computer did well with the very same setup to install win8.1 on the very same hdd.

Also my amd a8-3850 running win8.1 with the same usb bridge and same hdd win10 proN did fail with the same error code (log is for the win7-pentiume5300 pc)

This is the usb adapter:
[Image: 179195pro.jpg]
Hard drive is an 80gb WD Caviar oldie.

2015-11-13 20:24:03 T:000009B4 OS Name:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  Version:6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Bits:64
2015-11-13 20:24:03 T:000009B4 WinToUSB Version:
2015-11-13 20:51:20 T:000009B4 .\main.cpp main 196 End...

I noted his on the log: <DISPLAYDESCRIPTION>Windows 10 Home N</DISPLAYDESCRIPTION></IMAGE></WIM>ÿ뾔꘷ᘶ€ࢮ
But im doing Pro N, not Home N. I saw that on the fly, so idk if affects something or not Smile

Im currently downloading the normal iso (non-N) to test, it will take some time 1mbps download T_T

EDIT: IM REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS, I FORGOT TO UPDATE WINTOUSB on my oldie pentium, so the previous log is for 2.3 Release 2 build sep 7 2015 :SSSSSSSSSSS, but on the a8-3850 im running version 2.5, and got same error.

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  Failed to run system api. 0x0000001500950000
Posted by: fredericomaia - 11-13-2015, 07:27 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (2)

What's problem Failed to run system api. 0x0000001500950000
with windows 10 threshold 2
Wintousb 2.5

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  Multiboot loads iso image rather than menu
Posted by: mjannini696 - 11-13-2015, 04:49 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

So im running windows 8.1 64 bit on an aspire v 11 touch. The EFI on this has caused me many problems to say the least...

So I install the following using Wintousb:
Windows 8.1 iso installer (efi installer)
ubuntu 14 64 bit iso (efi installer)
ubuntu 14 32 bit iso
Runtime recovery cd iso image

The installation runs fine, and in QEMU the grub menu comes up, and everything loads fine.
When I try to boot from a computer, it automatically loads the windows installer, rather than the grub menu...

I checked the configuration of the grldr and menu.lst and everything points to the right place. any ideas?

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