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  WinPE & USB Driver Injection
Posted by: Bloo - 06-13-2017, 05:52 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (3)

I have a new Lenovo AIO and I was able to finally get Windows 7 on the hard drive after many hours of trying to inject the usb drivers.. I'm now trying to make it portable but when it boots to WinPE to clone the drive its not loading the USB drivers (as expected). I've tried a few of the following links (https://goo.gl/yOSfgg) but I cannot locate the "Boot.sdi" or "boot.wim" in the install directory. Ive tried putting the Win10PE sdi and wim's into the path's below but it still is not recognizing the USB devices so I dont think its actually using the Win10PE files...

C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\bin
C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\x64\WinToUSB\bin
C:\Program Files\Hasleo\WinToUSB\x86\WinToUSB\bin

I was also going to try injecting the drivers myself (i have the working drivers that worked for my initial install) following this article https://goo.gl/DrcJzV but again, i cannot locate boot.wim. I've even tried installing older versions hoping it would have the file but no luck...

Where can I locate this WIM file? I'd like to either A. Inject the files myself or B. Use the Windows10 PE Files.... TIA.

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  Corsair GTX Voyager (SSD USB Stick) Installation hangs at 95%
Posted by: marcelser - 05-13-2017, 11:23 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (3)


As my old USB stick was very slow I bought one of the fast GTX Voager USB stick without knowing that this stick is more like a mini external SSD as a normal USB Stick. It reports itself as disk so I read the guide on how to prepare the disk in order to use WinToUSB.

I first tried MBR mode with a small fat32 partition 100MB and a big ntfs partition but the stick always hangs at 95% of the install process (after copying the vhd file I use as starting point). It seems that it cannot create normal files to boot from. I then fiddled around and in the end (as my system runs from UEFI disks anyway) I used diskpart to wipe the disk, convert it to gep and create ESP/EFI partition and windows partition (interestingly a 128MB msr partition also got created although I did not opt for that). But here I have exactly the same problem installation stops at 95%.

Interesting thing I found out is, that once the installation reaches 95% you can not open any partitioning tool cause it hangs when trying to read the USB SSD Partitions. It's like WinToUSB somehow crashes access to the stick completely.

Best regards,


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  Failed to run system API.(0x03F0001500A60000)
Posted by: peeyushg - 04-29-2017, 05:24 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (3)


Windows installation from ISO file to USB is failing with the following error message:

Failed to run system API.(0x03F0001500A60000)

This happens right when it reaches 100%. I have tried twice.

Please see the attached log file.


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  Cannot connect to wifi
Posted by: JuliusCaesar - 04-27-2017, 10:54 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (5)

The other day, I installed WinToUSB for the purpose of being able to use windows on other macs without bootcamp. The process was smooth, I put windows 10 on a partition of a large external hard drive that I had, and when I restarted it and opened up that copy of windows on my mac, everything worked pretty well. I installed the driver for the network adapter, and I could access google, etc.

However, when I plugged in the hard drive to another mac, I was unable to connect to the wifi. This mac is about as old as mine, so I thought I should see no difference, yet when I look under the devices for the network adapter, it tells me that it is unable to start, and so I can't access the internet on windows for that laptop. I tried a bunch of things, like un/reinstalling the driver, but nothing seems to work and google is quite sparse with information on this. If anyone has any answers, that would be great!

The first laptop, mine, is a mid-2014 macbook pro with bootcamp, which is what I used to get Windows on my hard drive
the second laptop is an early-2015 macbook pro, which is very similar, hence my confusion as to why it's not working.

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  Ca now create uefi std flash drive install
Posted by: danskeman - 04-17-2017, 11:46 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

A big change on version 1703 is that windows can now read multiple partitions on a normal flash drive.

Wintousb 3.5 will now install a uefi install on a standard flash drive - no longer needs special drives with hard disk bit enabled.

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  Failed to run system API.(0x03F0001500610000)
Posted by: greg@uh.edu - 04-12-2017, 06:07 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

How do I get a bootable USB stick created?

I keep getting the following error:

Failed to run system API.(0x03F0001500610000)

Here is my Error Log file (user.log):


Please help me.

Thank you.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.txt   user.log.txt (Size: 123.58 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Unsupported File System
Posted by: Nomad - 04-10-2017, 11:17 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

Am Attempting to install from an ISO image to a Samsung 128 GB Evo Plus Micro SD. Have already succeeded with a San Disk 32 GB Micro SD but now only get Unsupported File system.(0x0570009004590000) error. Have tried pre formatting to FAT32 and NFTS. Have tried reducing the primary partition on the card to 32GB - all to no avail. Any suggestions?? The really annoying thing is that after the error EaseUS shows the entire drive formatted as a WINTOUSB drive!

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  Upgrade Win 8.1 to 10: Error 0x8007001f
Posted by: TangoEchoAlpha - 04-02-2017, 02:46 AM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (2)


When trying to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10, I get a window saying "Something went wrong" with the error code 0x8007001f.

When I press retry, I run through an install while stil in Windows 8.1 but then I get an error on the Windows 10 setup window that says
"Sorry, we're having trouble determining if your PC can run Windows 10. Please close Setup and try again.

Does this have to do with the fact that my USB drive is a removable drive rather than a fixed/local one?

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  Windows 7 on fast USB3
Posted by: hallergard - 02-02-2017, 06:45 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (1)

Successful installation with version 3.4  http://youtu.be/47Tk9Oeuxfg and https://goo.gl/3AkWW7

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  Wintousb 3.4 skip partitioning scheme option
Posted by: bbyunzone - 02-02-2017, 03:50 PM - Forum: WinToUSB - Replies (5)

I have a Samsung Portable SSD T3 250GB, and having issue when trying to install Windows 10 on it from a Windows ISO.

My current OS is Windows 10.
The version of WinToUSB is: 3.4

This is the instructions I am trying to follow:

In step 7 it said:
"After you select the USB drive, a pop-up will appear asking you if you want to format it to continue, tick the "MBR for BIOS and UEFI" checkbox, then click "Yes"."

But I don't see the "partitioning scheme option" pop-up:

[Image: installation-need-format-usb.png]

Instead it skip to step 9:

(The below image is from the original instructions, the image I see is without the little boot partitions on the right.)
[Image: installation-select-partition.png]

Even the installation was successful but without create any boot partition.

Thanks! Smile

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