Hasleo Backup Suite FreeV4.2

Completely Free Windows Backup Software Helps You Protect Windows OS and Data Security

  • • Backup & Restore, clone Windows OS, disks, partitions and files(folders).Improved
  • • Supported backup modes: full, incremental and differential.
  • • Supports compression, encryption, splitting and merging of backup image files.
  • • Delta restore improves restore speed by restoring only changed blocks.
  • • Automatically and regularly perform backup task with backup schedule.Improved
  • • Image retention policy and centralized backup task management.
  • • Creation of WinPE emergency disk and command line interface (CLI) support.
  • • Supported OS: Windows Vista/Server 2008 or later, fully compatible with GPT and UEFI.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free is a free Windows backup and restore software, which embeds backup, restore and cloning features, it is designed for Windows operating system users and can be used on both Windows PCs and Servers.

The backup and restore feature of Hasleo Backup Suite can help you back up and restore the Windows operating systems, disks, partitions and files(folders) to protect the security of your Windows operating system and personal data. The cloning feature of Hasleo Backup Suite can help you migrate Windows to another disk, or easily upgrade a disk to an SSD or a larger capacity disk.

free Windows backup software - Hasleo Backup Suite

Protect Your Data Comprehensively and Effectively with Backup & RestoreImproved

System Backup
System Backup & Restore

Backup Windows operating system and boot-related partitions, including user settings, drivers and applications installed in these partitions, which ensures that you can quickly restore your Windows operating system once it crashes.

Disk/Partition Backup
Disk/Partition Backup & Restore

Viruses, power failure, or other unknown reasons may cause data loss, so it is a good habit to regularly back up the drive that stores important files, you can at least recover lost files from the backup image files in the event of a disaster.

File Backup
File Backup & Restore

Back up specified files(folders) instead of the entire drive to another location to protect your data, so you can quickly restore files(folders) from the backup image files when needed.

Migrate Windows Operating System, Disk and Partition Easily and Quickly

System Clone
System Clone

Migrate the Windows operating system from one disk to another SSD or larger disk without reinstalling Windows, applications and drivers.

Disk Clone
Disk Clone

Clone entire disk to another disk and ensure that the contents of the source disk and the destination disk are exactly the same.

Partition Clone
Partition Clone

Clone a partition completely to the specified location on the current disk or another disk and ensure that the data will not be changed.

Diverse Data Protection Policies to Protect Your Data More Comprehensively

Incremental/Differential/Full Backup
Incremental/Differential/Full Backup

Different backup modes are supported, you can flexibly choose data protection schemes, which can improve backup performance and save storage space while ensuring data security.

backup schedule
Backup ScheduleImproved

Create schedules to automatically perform backup tasks on a regular basis, which allows you to set up a mix of one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or event-triggered backup schedules to improve business efficiency and reduce costs.

Image Retention Policy
Image Retention Policy

The image retention policy allows you to keep several recent backup image versions as needed, and the program will automatically merge the backup image versions according to your settings after performing a backup operation.

Delta Restore
Delta Restore

Delta restore uses advanced delta detection technology to check the changed blocks on the destination drive and restore only the changed blocks, so it has a faster restore speed than the traditional full restore.

Universal Restore
Universal Restore

This feature can help us restore the Windows operating system to computers with different hardware and ensure that Windows can work normally without any hardware compatibility issues.

Backup Image Encryption
Backup Image Encryption

The AES encryption algorithm can protect the security of your data stored in the backup image file, and you can choose different encryption strengths to protect the data.

Backup Image Compression
Backup Image Compression

Choosing different backup image compression levels can help you achieve a balance between backup performance and saved storage space.

Split Backup Image
Split Backup Image

When performing a backup task, the backup image is split into files of a specified size so that the backup image files can be stored in a CD/DVD, USB drive or FAT32 partition.

Merge Backup Image
Merge Backup Image

This feature allows you to merge multiple consecutive backup image versions into a single version, which saves storage space while ensuring data security.

Check Backup Image
Check Backup Image

This feature can help check the integrity of the backup image and determine whether or not the image can be restored.

MBR/GPT Conversion

This feature allows you to convert an MBR disk to a GPT disk or convert a GPT disk to an MBR disk by restoring or cloning, which is very useful when changing computers or upgrading disks.

Email Notification
Email Notification

Configure email notification to send emails to users in real time to notify the execution status of the backup task, whether the task is successful or failed, or whether human intervention is required.

Import/Export Tasks
Import/Export Tasks

This feature allows you to export information for all backup tasks to a backup configuration file as a backup, or import backup task(s) from a backup configuration file or backup image file.

Backup Task Management
Backup Task Management

This allows you to manage all backup tasks, such as make full, differential or incremental backups, restore from tasks, edit or delete tasks, and browse the storage directory of tasks.

Bootable WinPE Media
Bootable WinPE Media

Create a bootable WinPE emergency media to help you quickly restore Windows to a healthy state when Windows cannot start normally, and you can use it to perform backup and cloning operations.

User Guide - How to do Backup, Restore and Clone?


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Tech Specification

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Vista/Server 2008 or later (32/64-bit)
Supported Devices
HDD, SSD, USB, Thunderbolt, etc.
Supported File Systems
FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Other
Supported Compression Levels
None, Low, Medium, High
Supported Encryption Modes
AES 128, AES 256
Supported Backup Modes
Full, Incremental, Differential
Intel® Pentium® processor 1GHz or above
1 GB or more (2 GB Recommended)
Disk Space
500 MB and above free space

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December 17, 2022

Hasleo Backup Suite is a simple, reliable and efficient backup software that helps users easily create and restore backups of their important data.
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Nov 26, 2022

Hasleo Backup Suite has been improved significantly since the initial release in mid-2021. The program performed as expected on a test system; it backed up and restored the system partition and non-system partitions without issues.
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