How to Recover Lost Files From a Formatted, Corrupt Partition or RAW Drive?

Updated on June 27, 2023 by Admin to Windows Data Recovery

If you want to get back a recently deleted file, you should try the Deleted File Recovery first, it's fast and in most of the cases can find your file. If the deleted file can't be found by Deleted File Recovery or the lost file is on a formatted, corrupt partition or RAW drive, you should try Deep Scan Recovery built into Hasleo Data Recovery. Deep Scan Recovery will deeply scan your drive or device with advanced scanning technology to find every recoverable file. It performs sector-by-sector scanning, so it will takes more time and can find much more lost files.


User Guide: How to Recover Lost Files From a Formatted, Corrupt or RAW Drive with Hasleo Deep Scan Recovery?

Step 1: Choose Deep Scan Recovery

Launch Hasleo Data Recovery and select Deep Scan Recovery mode.

select deep scan recovery mode

Step 2: Select a Location to Scan

Choose the hard drive or device where you lose your files and click on "Scan" button to start the deep scan recovery process.

select drive to scan

Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Files

After the scan is not complete, you can easily locate the files you want to recover by path and file types. Before you decide to save them, you can preview the files to check their quality and detailed information.

recover lost files


To sum up, Hasleo Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software that can help you recover lost files from a formatted, corrupt partition or RAW drive.


Please note that:
1. Don't save the recovered files to the partition where your lost files originally located. This prevents your data from geting overwriten.
2. If the device you want to recovery data from is encrypted by BitLocker Drive Encryption, you should try BitLocker Data Recovery.
3. You can export/save the scanning results for later or next recovery.