How to convert an internal hard drive to a Windows To Go drive?

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Here is my situation. I purchased a laptop from HP and after two issues (unrelated to the hard drive) they are sending a new laptop. They sent me my old laptop hard drive back. I have placed it in an enclosure (3.0 USB). I can read and access files and was intending on reformatting it and turning it into a back-up device. However, I really wish to make this hard drive bootable so, I can take it on the go and use with any windows based machine (i.e. run it just as if my old computer was in front of me) I don't want to reformat or re-install the hard drive. Can your product do this for me. and can you provide instructions as to how to do this. The hard drive in question has windows 10 (home). Thank You.

WinToUSB can help you to convert an internal hard drive with Windows to a Windows To Go drive with a few simple steps.


Tutorial to convert an internal hard drive to a Windows To Go drive.

Step 1. Remove the local disk drive (internal hard drive) which you want to convert from the chassis.

Step 2. Put the hard disk onto the USB enclosure, then connect the enclosure to the computer with an installed copy of WinToUSB.

Step 3. Run WinToUSB as administrator.

Step 4. Click "Tools" > "Windows To Go conversion".

Tools Windows To Go convertion

Step 5. Select the USB drive in the drop-down list. If the USB drive is not correctly recognized by WinToUSB, you need to click the Refresh Icon button for the program to recognize the USB drive.

Windows To Go conversion

Step 6. Tick the "Convert Local Disk to Windows To Go" checkbox, then click "OK". After clicking "OK", WinToUSB begins converting.

Windows To Go converting

Step 7. Click "OK" when the conversion is complete. The local disk drive (internal hard drive) has been converted to Windows To Go drive now.

Windows To Go convertiong complete


Follow these simple steps, you can convert a local disk drive (internal hard drive) to a Windows To Go drive with WinToUSB easily.