How to Change BitLocker Password in macOS & Mac OS X?

October 22, 2018, Posted by Admin to BitLocker for Mac

We can access the BitLocker encrypted drive using the password entered during encryption, how can we ensure the security of the data on the drive if one day the encryption password leaks abnormally? The answer is to change the password for this drive. Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac is the world's first BitLocker solution that we can used to change BitLocker password for BitLocker encrypted drive in macOS & Mac OS X. Here's a detailed description of how to change BitLocker password in macOS & Mac OS X.

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Tutorial to Change BitLocker Password in macOS & Mac OS X.

Step 1. Download, install and run Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac.

Step 2. Right-click the BitLocker encrypted drive you want to change password in main window, then click "Change password".

select the drive to change password


Step 3. Enter the old password or recovery key, followed by the new password (entered twice), and then click "Change" button to change password. In order to ensure data security, the new password should contain upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, and special symbols.

change bitlocker password


Step 4. When the program prompts that the password has been successfully changed, click the "Cancel" button to return to the main window.

bitlocker password changed successfully

After the password has been successfully changed, you can only use the newly entered password to mount the BitLocker encrypted drive and then read and write the BitLocker encrypted drive.