How to do system clone in Windows 10 without reinstalling Windows?

2017-7-1, Posted by Admin to Windows Deployment Tool

As time goes by, the free space of Windows 10 system partition will become less and less and Windows 10 will get slower and slower. At this time, most of Windows 10 users plan to upgrade present drive to a new disk (solid-state drive (SSD) or larger hard disk). Generally speaking, we will reinstall the entire Windows 10 operating system and then install the required applications one by one again, so it will take a lot of time and will affect your work. Many Windows 10 users are considering these questions: Is it necessary to reinstall the entire Windows 10 operating system? Is there any other better way to achieve our goal? The answer is yes, you can move Windows 10 operating system files and all installed applications to a new hard drive by using a free system clone software such as WinToHDD.


User Guide: How to clone Windows 10 to new hard drive with WinToHDD?

1. Please use the following guidelines to prepare the partitions on the destination hard disk drive.

  • Booting BIOS-based computers: Please covert the hard drive to MBR partition scheme and create the system and boot partitions. The system partition can be FAT32 or NTFS format and the boot partition must be NTFS format. The system partition and boot partition can be the same partition.
  • Booting UEFI-based computers: Please covert the hard drive to GPT partition scheme and create the EFI system partition (ESP) and boot partition. The EFI system partition must be FAT32 format and the boot partition must be NTFS format.
  1. The destination boot partition must be 20% larger than the used space on source boot partition.
  2. If the destination system partition is FAT32 format, then it must be greater than or equal to 40 MB and less than or equal to 32 GB. (The recommended size is 100 MB.)
  3. Sector by sector clone option enables you to clone all sectors from source boot partition to destination boot partition.
  4. If you have formatted the wrong hard disk, you can use our Free Data Recovery Software Hasleo Data Recovery to recover your lost files.

2. Download, install, and run WinToHDD, then click the System Clone Icon button.

Select System Clone icon

3. Select the Windows 10 OS which you want to clone in the drop-down list, you will see the detailed system information under it, click "Next" if you are sure.

System Clone icon

4. Select the destination disk in the drop-down list, then select the boot partition and system partition from the partition list, the selected partitions will be marked as red.

Select target partition icon

5. Click "Next". After clicking "Next", a pop-up will appear asking you if you want to build a WinPE image to continue. Click "Yes".

Need To Build WinPE icon

6. After successfully builded the WinPE image, WinToHDD will prompt you to reboot the computer, click "Yes" button to allow WinToHDD to reboot your computer.

Need Reboot icon

7. It takes some time to clone. After the clone is successfully completed, restart the computer and change BIOS to boot from your hard disk drive.


Follow these simple steps, you can move Windows 10 to a new hard disk drive with free system clone software WinToHDD easily.