Backup Options - Advanced backup settings of Hasleo Backup Suite

Updated on February 6, 2024 by Admin to Free Windows Backup Software

The Backup Options is the advanced backup settings of Hasleo Backup Suite, which are available when creating a new backup task or editing task information.



Space is related to settings that may affect storage space, including compression, splitting and image retention policy.

space in backup options

Compression: Choosing different backup image compression levels can help you achieve a balance between backup performance and saved storage space. Generally speaking, a higher compression level generates smaller image files, but may take up more CPU time.

Splitting: The backup image can be split into several small files of a specified size so that they can be stored in the small storage medium, such as CD/DVD, USB drive or FAT32 partition.

  1. Automatic: The image file size after splitting is related to file system type of destination storage media. For example, the FAT32 file system only supports files up to 4 GB in size.
  2. Predetermined size: Pre-defined image split size for some common storage media, such as CD, DVD, etc.
  3. Customize size: Manually specify the image file size after splitting, the minimum file size is 50MB.

Notes: The image retention policy has been moved to the settings page of the Backup schedule.



Encrypt the backup image files with a password to protect your data, you need to enter the password and select the encryption strength as needed. Hasleo Backup Suite uses AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the backup image files, so it can effectively protect your data. The minimum length of the password is 6 and the maximum length is 64.

encryption in backup options

Notes: Please keep your password properly, we will not be able to help you decrypt the data after losing the password.



Set Pre-command and Post-command for the task, the command may be a program or script.

command in backup options

Command: Click the folder icon to specify the command to execute.
Working directory: Click the folder icon to specify the working directory of the command to be executed.
Parameter: Set parameters for the command if necessary.
Abort the operation if the command fails: Aborts the backup operation if the command fails.
Check the return value of the command: If the return value is 0, the command is considered successful, otherwise it is considered failed.

Notes: In the WinPE recovery environment, this feature may not work normally because the drive letter assigned to the partition may have been changed.



Configure email notification to send emails to users in real time to notify the execution status of the backup task, whether the task is successful or failed, or whether human intervention is required. You need to fill in the following information based on the SMTP configuration information provided by your email server provider.

email notification in backup options

SMTP server: Enter your SMTP server address, usually
Port: Enter the port of the outgoing mail server. Usually, the default port for sending in plain text is 25, for SSL is 465 and for TLS is 587.
Encryption: Encrypt the content of the mail to be sent, support Plain text, SSL and TLS.
SMTP authentication: Enter the email address and password used to send notification emails.
To: Fill in all email addresses used to receive notifications. If you need to enter multiple addresses, please separate them with commas. For example, [email protected], [email protected]
Send test message: You can send a test message to test whether you can receive the notification email.
Description: Briefly describe the purpose of the email, it will be automatically appended to the body of the email when it is sent.
Additional notification settings: Tick additional settings as needed.
    Send notification when the operation completes successfully
    Send notification when the operation fails
    Send notification when user interaction is required
    Also used for restore operation

Notes: In the WinPE recovery environment, this feature may not work normally because the network is usually not configured.



Other advanced settings.

advanced settings in backup options

Sector by sector backup: Tick this option to backup all sectors of the partitions to be backed up, regardless of whether the sectors are used by the file system. Not available in "File backup".

Allow comments when manually executing the backup task: If you need to enter comments for manually performed backups, tick this option.

Check the integrity of the backup image files on completion: Tick this option to check the integrity of the backup image files when the backup is complete. The 'Quick image check' only checks whether all files of the backup task exist or whether the structure of some files has been damaged, and 'Complete image check' checks all the data blocks backed up in addition to "Quick Image Check".

Perform the power management action on completion: Tick this option to specify a power management action to be performed when the backup is complete. By default, the power management action is only used when performing the backup task manually, check the "Also used for backup scheduling" option if you want to use it for backup scheduling. Please note that this option will never be used for event-triggered backup scheduling.

Default behavior of the "Backup" button: The type of backup performed when clicking the Backup button on the backup task control on the home page.