Best BitLocker Reader for Mac helps access BitLocker Drive on Mac

Updated on August 22, 2020 by Admin to BitLocker Reader for Mac

If you are looking for a BitLocker Reader to access BitLocker drives on the Mac operating system, you will find that there are only three vendors' software on the market that can help users access BitLocker drives under Mac, and these vendors are Hasleo, M3 and iSunshare. The following is a detailed comparison of the functions provided by these software.

  Hasleo M3 iSunshare
Read & Write Access to BitLocker-Encrypted Drives
Encrypt Drives with BitLocker
Decrypt BitLocker-Encrypted Drives
Change Password for BitLocker-Encrypted Drives
Export BitLocker Recovery Key & Startup Key

From the above comparison of several BitLocker Reader For Mac, we can see that Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac provides the most powerful functions, it is 100% safe and easy to use, so it is currently the BitLocker Reader For Mac on the market. In this tutorial we will explain in detail how to access BitLocker drive on macOS & Mac OS X with Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac.

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Tutorial: How to access BitLocker drive on Mac with the best BitLocker Reader for Mac?

Step 1. Download, install and run Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac.

install BitLocker Anywhere For Mac

Step 2. Right-click the BitLocker drive you want to access in main window, then click "Mount Drive".

select BitLocker drive to unlock

Step 3. Enter the password or recovery key, then click "Mount" button to unlock the drive.

unlock BitLocker drive

Step 4. After the operation completes successfully, the drive has been successfully unlocked and you can see an icon of the driver appearing on your Mac's desktop.

drive has been successfully mounted

Step 5. Click on the icon on your Mac's desktop to open the drive, now you can access the BitLocker drive like a Mac's native drive, such as read, write, copy, delete files, etc.

access BitLocker drive in Mac

As described above, we can see that Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere For Mac is currently the most powerful BitLocker Reader for Mac on the market. Not only can you use it to access BitLocker drives on Mac, you can also use it to encrypt drives with BitLocker, decrypt BitLocker drives, and change password for BitLocker drives, and so on.